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It is an illusion which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard.

Bollingerihm ja RSI lahknevus

Cisco CSCO - commentary - Trade Now surprised the market with poor guidance, blaming the weakness on poor sales in the public sector, Jabil Share Option Tehingud that news is pressuring technology stocks this morning. After a very good third-quarter earnings season, the market was caught off guard by this announcement, and Cisco is trading down sharply.

Naide tulevaste ja valikutehingute kohta hindi

The other obstacle this morning is the continued resentment at the G economic summit in South Korea against the aggressive quantitative easing program launched by the Federal Reserve. This morning Brazil added its name to the list of countries concerned about QE 2. It is understandable that the rest of the world may be concerned about the U. An international competition for the weakest currency would have a host of negative consequences, and this could put President Obama in an awkward position, especially after his campaign promises about regaining the respect of the rest of the world.

Ükskõik, kas tegemist on tehnilise toote või äristrateegiaga, on minu töö osa kõige positiivse ja negatiivse leidmine.

The good news is that, for a long time now, this market has been able to shrug off any and all negatives in the blink of Jabil Share Option Tehingud eye. It has been a Teflon market, and that's largely due to confidence that the Fed has its back with the seemingly never-ending quantitative easing program.

DYOR Siacoin (SC) - teave Siacoin'i kohta

Good earnings have helped quite a bit, and economic news has even improved a little, but the Fed is the real driving force right now. The market has seen overbought conditions for a while, and the current uptrend looks a bit long in the tooth, but the bears have not be able to dig in their collective claw.

Vaartpaberite valikud

They managed a slight opening after the ugly intraday reversal on Tuesday, when precious metals made a vicious turn, but they were incapable of building on it yesterday as the Fed began its QE 2 operations. The bears are looking to have another opening this morning, but the dip buyers remain supremely confident, and they are already itching to pounce on any weakness.

Börsipäev 20.september

Dip-buying has worked extremely well for a long time, and the bulls have no reason at all to discard that strategy at this point. The biggest potential negative would be President Obama making some concessions about QE 2 at the G meeting. It is going to be very difficult to appease the rest of the world if our policy is to keep on printing money, thus pushing the dollar lower and lower.

The President can't tell the Fed what to do, but he certain can influence the long-term view of monetary policy. The market will be watching for any signs that action may be taken to support the dollar. I'm looking for the dip buyers to have a go at early in the day, and the strength of the bounce will give us some clues as to whether we can generate some more upside momentum.

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Market players are growing a little too complacent about the underlying support provided by QE 2, and we'll have to consider that later today when the permanent open market operations commence. The market probably won't have much problem shaking off Cisco, as it has not been a leadership stock for quite some time.

But how much longer can the Fed continue to juice this market?

VXX kauplemise strateegia

That remains the key to the action, and so far it looks like the answer is that the Fed can pretty much do whatever it wants. At the time of publication, Rev Shark had no positions in the stocks mentioned.

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