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Depending on the free fatty acid content of the feedstock, biodiesel is produced via transesterification, esterification, or a combination of these processes. The main goal of this project was to evaluate and develop non-conventional feedstocks and novel processes for producing RRC Stock Options.

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One of the most novel and promising feedstocks evaluated involves the use of readily available microorganisms as a lipid source. This sludge is composed of a variety of organisms, which consume organic matter in wastewater.

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Since phospholipids can be transesterified they could serve as a ready source of biodiesel. Examination of the various transesterification methods shows that in situ conversion of lipids to FAMEs provides the highest overall yield of biodiesel.

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Since the lipid is converted to FAMEs, also known as biodiesel, in the in Situ extraction process, the product can be used as is for renewable fuel. An overall yield of Twelve plant species with potential for oil production were tested at Mississippi State, MS. Of the species tested, canola, rapeseed and birdseed rape appear to have potential in Mississippi as winter annual crops because of yield.

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Two perennial crops were investigated, Chinese DEFF Research Database Denmark Madsen, Anders Theilgaard; Ahmed, El Hadi; Christensen, Claus Hviid Biodiesel production via transesterification to fatty acid alkyl esters is rising rapidly worldwide due to the limited availability of fossil resources and the problems of global warming. Often, however, the use of 2nd-generation feedstock like animal waste fat and trap greases etc.