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Seda põhjendab elu areng meie ümber. Kohati tunnistatakse, et krüptoraha kui uue paradigma suhtes ei osata seisukohta võtta või igaks juhuks teemat ignoreeritakse. Üks võimalus on osta seda reaalse raha eest vastavalt hetkel kehtivale vahetuskursile.

These coins are nothing to do with the coins emitted by the blockchain as part of the blockchain reward.

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Blockchain miners are still vitally important to Electroneum, but full mining is too complex for the average user. The mobile miner is a separate algorithm that rewards users with ETN cryptocurrency at no cost.

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Simple — we want to spread the word about how easy Electroneum is to use and get involved with. Our mobile miner introduces people to cryptocurrency — without ANY risk.

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We are rewarding everyone who gets involved in the Electroneum project by allowing them to earn cryptocurrency via our free Android app. What can you expect to earn?

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We will be fine tuning the system over the next few weeks as we see how the mobile miner works with hundreds of thousands of users. Use it on wifi initially to understand the amount of data it uses.

Enjoy earning some Electroneum on your Android phones — there may be a few bugs and changes as we test this with hundreds of thousands and then millions of people, but as always, we will fix them as soon as we identify them!

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