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Pedro F. Moreira Filho Full Text Available Twenty seven patients with migraine without aura were investigated.

The age was between 12 and 54 years; 5 were men and 22 women. The diagnosis of migraine was made according to the classification proposed by the International Headache Society. The method of visual evoked potential was performed with pattern reversal VEP-PR, with monocular stimulation.

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On basis of these observations we consider that the method of VEP-PR is an useful instrument for investigation of migraine patients without aura.

Hypersensitivity to visual stimuli can lead to greater hypersensitivity to auditory stimuli, which suggests that the interaction between visual and auditory stimuli may play an important role in the pathogenesis of migraine.

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However, audiovisual temporal interactions in migraine have not been well studied. Therefore, our aim was to examine auditory and visual interactions in migraine.

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Methods In this study, visual, auditory, and audiovisual stimuli with different temporal intervals between the visual and auditory stimuli were randomly presented to the left or right hemispace.

During this time, the participants were asked to respond promptly to target stimuli.

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We used cumulative distribution functions to analyze the response times as a measure of audiovisual integration.

Conclusions Our findings further objectively support the notion that migraineurs without aura are hypersensitive to external visual and auditory stimuli. Our study offers a new quantitative and objective method to evaluate hypersensitivity to audio-visual stimuli in patients with migraine.

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