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Earth bus- Design of earthing systems A new laptop and a good internet connection will be sufficient. Who Are We Looking For? The programme provides a pragmatic response to the lack of European distance education study programmes on Interaction Design as well as to answer to the lack of more flexible learning arrangements for full-time professionals. The course uses Google apps for education and Google Classroom for delivery.

The individual pieces of work should represent and identify the best skills the candidate has.

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In cases when a piece of work has been created by a team, the candidate should clearly explain their contribution. Letter of motivation up to 1 page clearly explaining your motivation for applying to the programme.

This should focus on why you wish to pursue this graduate program, research interests as well as what you hope to achieve through studying in the programme.

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You may indicate specific areas of academic and research interest and experience from your past that are relevant.

You may refer to your CV to save space.

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Our programme is designed to run fully online full-time or part-time with emphasis on practice-based teaching through research, design and implementation of different individual and collaborative projects.

The curriculum allows you to fine-tune your education by mixing interdisciplinary courses, projects and research in design and technology.

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The master follows a problem-based learning approach, focusing on semester-long assignments per module that are broken into smaller 2-week long cycles.

At the beginning of each 2-week cycle the assignment is released, students work on it and submit their work at the end of the 2-week cycle having various forms synchronous and asynchronous of mentoring sessions in between.

At the end of the semester, students have to present their project work and engage in a verbal examination session.

This joint curriculum benefits from a culturally diverse foundation, wide potential audience and strong research groups from Estonia and Cyprus with extensive experience in the fields of Human-computer Interaction, Online and Technology Enhanced Learning and Interaction Design. The course is flexible to your varying needs and other life commitments.

Classic written examinations are not usual in this master program. Nominal division What type of technology is needed for the studies?

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A new laptop and a good internet connection will be sufficient. Neutral and earth wire Load Factor for Electrical Installations Earth bus- Design of earthing systems Demand Factor for electrical installations Diversity Factor for electrical installations Coincidence factor for electrical installations Design of LT panels Lae App võrdluseks materjali ja digitaalse raamatu kontrollisüsteemide Elektri- ja infotehnoloogia insener programmid ja kraadiõppe.

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