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This category contains the following fields: ABConfigs — tuvastab eelväljaanded, mis konkreetse seansi ajal töötavad. NetworkCountry — saatja riigikood kliendi puhastamata IP-aadressi põhjal. Allows us to classify issues and identify whether a problem is widespread or isolated to a set of users. Ärilised edastused: koos GM-i või OnStari äritegevuse osa või selle varade eelseisva või lõpule viidud müügi, edastuse või finantseerimisega. Information common to all events is collected in the following categories.

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With this app it is easy to make backup copies of your important files. SyncFolder ensures that all changes in important folders are synchronized on external hard drives, USB flash drives, network drives, etc. SyncFolder is deliberately kept simple and is primarily intended for home use. Installation and update of the app is easy and secure by means of the Windows Store.

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It is free. The app also allows you to import photos and videos from a camera or smartphone connected through USB or WiFi. Both methods USB and WiFi allow you to store your items on the default configured folder for import or a folder of your choice.

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Copying only happens in 1 direction. Possible data storage devices are: - A hard drive of the computer. Copying happens incrementaly: only those folders and files are copied that are new or have changed since the last backup.

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Modified files are copied fully and thus replace a previous version, i. The app allows you to specify a filter for each task. That gives you the possibility to exclude certain sub-folders, hidden folders, file types, etc.

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You can copy in 2 ways: - By mirroring: This method ensures that the folders and files on the storage medium are an exact copy of those on the source. If files disappear on the source location, they also disappear on the target location. Kuva rohkem.

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