Porridge – 3,00€

with butter or jam

Classic english breakfast – 5,90€

two fried eggs, bacon, baked tomato, beans in tomato sauce and toast

Omelette – 5,00 €

cheese and ham


Kim-Chi salad with chicken/ shrimps/ eggs – 5,90/6,90/5,90€

Warm Caesar salad with chicken/ shrimps/ salted salmon/ vegeterian – 5,90/6,90/6,90/5,90€

Beetroot tar-tar with goat cheese-herbal cream (V) – 6,90€

“Skagen” with onion salad, shrimps, cucumber and dill – 6,90€


“Ramen” soup – 4,90€

Paprika soup pure with tomatoes – 4,90€

Daily soup – 3,50€
ask waiter what soup do we serve today


Linguine “Carbonara” – 6,90€

Quattro cheese pasta – 6,90€


Classic dumplings with beef and pork – 5,90€

Potato dumplings with fried onion and bacon – 5,50€

Cherry dumplings (V) – 5,50€

Our homemade dumplings are served with sour cream. By customer wish served in boiled or fried form, as well in broth.

We sell all our proposed dumplings in frozen state at specific price. Ask waiter for prices.


Foil baked potato with cottage cheese, shrimps, greens and shrimps/ bacon/ smoked chicken – 6,50€

Foil baked potato with cottage cheese, mushrooms and pickles (V) – 6,50€

Foil baked potato with cottage cheese and greens (V) – 5,90€


Baked salmon with warm vegetable salad, shrimps and “Teriyaki” sauce – 11,90€

Chicken breast with mashed potatoes and white wine-butter sauce – 9,90€

Pork belly with estonian “Ratatouille” and red wine sauce – 9,90€

Wok vegetables (V) – 6,90€

Classic hamburger with chopped marble beefsteak “Black Angus”, served with french fries – 9,90€

“Club Sandwitch” on polar bread with smoked chicken, mozzarella and tomato salsa sauce, served with french fries – 7,90€


Ham and cheese pancake with sour cream – 3,90€

Sweet pancakes with condenced milk/ jam/ sour cream (V) – 2,90€


Ice cream choice – 3,90€

Milkshake with juice – 3,50€

*rest of the desserts you can see on our cold stand. Try our homemade lemonades, smoothies and cocktails.

*V – vegeterian meals