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Built in secure HPE facilities to the most stringent Country of Origin USA and conformance requirements, HPE Trusted Supply Chain servers are inspected to be free from malicious microcode and counterfeit parts, safeguarding it against cyber-exploits throughout its life cycle. Why should I pick a fluorescent tube? Hewlett Packard Enterprise IT investment solutions help you transform to a digital business with IT economics that align to your business goals.

With hardened security built in, HPE Trusted Supply Chain hardens the protections designed into select HPE products with unrivaled supply chain visibility and standards compliance providing a degree view and mitigation plan for current and emerging cyber-threats.

Allied to ensure authenticity, HPE Trusted Supply Chain doubles down on your protection with vetted HPE employees assigned to the product build to manage the product manufacturing process that adheres to the strictest sourcing, inspection and traceability standards. HPE Persistent Memory works with DRAM to provide fast, high capacity, cost effective memory and storage to transform big data workloads and analytics by enabling data to be stored, moved, and processed quickly.

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It is important to remember that fluorescent tube lights require a ballast to supply enough voltage to start the lamp and then to regulate the supply to operate the light safely. To learn more about fluorescent lights, please see our fluorescent tubes guide.

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At RS Components, we have fluorescent tube lights in straight and circular variations that are available in a range of lengths, diameters and colour tones. Standard Fluorescent Tubes Sizes: Fluorescent tubes are widely available in standard sizes known as T2, T4, T5, T8 and T12, with these sizes referring to the diameter of the bulb.

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Each standard size is available in different wattages, colours and lengths to suit every application. T2 fluorescent tubes have a 7 mm diameter and are used within display cabinets for retail applications or in the home.

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T4 fluorescent tubes feature a 12mm diameter and are most commonly used for kitchen worktops. In the list, find a product specification document that contains the name of the motherboard.

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You will also find a motherboard specification document that contains the name of the motherboard and detailed information about the system components on your motherboard. Figure : Product information page If more than one motherboard is listed in the product specifications or more than one motherboard specification document appears in the list, then HP used more than one type of motherboard when manufacturing your PC model.

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To find out exactly which motherboard is installed in your computer, use the following steps: Make sure the Windows desktop is showing.