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How much leaf area do insects eat? Marek Maasikmets Creating shared collaborative tourism identity in a post-communist environment. European Landscapes for Quality of Life? State feedback linearization of nonlinear control systems on homogeneous time scales. Villoslada, Miguel; Bunce, Robert G.

This is the largest catalog of bona fide wide binaries to date, and it contains a diversity of systems—in mass, mass ratios, binary separations, metallicity, and evolutionary states—that should facilitate follow-up studies to characterize the properties of M dwarfs and white dwarfs. There is a subtle but definitive suggestion of multiple populations in the physical separation distribution, supporting earlier findings.


We suggest that wide binaries are composed of multiple populations, most likely representing different formation modes. Virtual inertia control methods in islanded microgrids. Minimal output impedance required for stability of grid-supporting inverters.

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MIMO reinforcement learning based approach for frequency support in microgrids with high renewable energy penetration. IEEE, x [ilmumas]. Construction of nonlinear feedback strategies for energy storage systems: a stochastic dynamic programming approach.

It contains 65 peer-reviewed book chapters that focus on issues ranging from intelligent image or video storage, retrieval, transmission and analysis to knowledge-based technologies, from advanced information technology architectures for video processing and transmission to advanced functionalities of information and knowledge-based services. We believe that this book will serve as a useful source of knowledge for both academia and industry, for all those faculty members, research scientists, scholars, Ph. The candidate pairs are vetted by comparing the stellar information. The candidate pairs are vetted by comparing the stellar density at their respective Galactic positions to Monte Carlo realizations of a simulated Milky Way.

Onile, Abiodun E. A comparative study on graph-based ranking algorithms for consumer-oriented demand side management. Observer-based detection and identification of sensor attacks in networked CPSs. Journal of Ornithology,— The use of cattle Bos taurus for restoring and maintaining holarctic landscapes: Conclusions from a long-term study in northern England. Jongman, Rob H. Karasov, O. Deconstructing landscape pattern: applications of remote sensing to physiognomic landscape mapping.

Mapping the extent of land cover colour harmony based on satellite Earth observation data. GeoJournal, 84 4— Systematic reviews of qualitative evidence for environmental policy and management: an overview of different methodological options.

Environmental Evidence, 8 1.

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Mafi-Gholami, D. Modeling multi-decadal mangrove leaf area index in response to drought along the semi-arid southern coasts of Iran. Science of the Total Environment, Nanomaterials, 9 1 Palang, H. Revisiting futures: integrating culture, care and time in landscapes. Landscape Ecology, 34 7— The tourism partnership life cycle in Estonia: Striving towards sustainable multisectoral rural tourism collaboration. A multi-proxy analysis of sandy soils in historical slash-and-burn sites: A case study from southern Estonia.

Quaternary International, Radchuk, V. Adaptive responses of animals to climate change are most likely insufficient.

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Nature Communications, 10 1. Potential of cereal-based agricultural residues available for bioenergy production. Data in Brief, 23, The effect of flue gas explosive decompression pretreatment on methane recovery from bioethanol production waste.

Industrial Crops And Products, Potential of bioethanol production-waste for methane recovery. Shkaruba, Anton; Skryhan, Hanna Chernobyl science and politics in Belarus: The challenges of post-normal science and political transition as a context for science—policy interfacing.

Transformative actions on communities and landscapes: The case of Kaldabruņa village.

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Land, 8 8 Suškevičs, M. Legitimate Planning Processes or Informed Decisions? Regional variation in public acceptance of wind energy development in Europe: what are the roles of planning procedures and participation? Process and contextual factors supporting action-oriented learning: A thematic synthesis of empirical literature in natural resource management.

Application of system approach framework for coastal zone management in Parnu, SW Estonia. Landscape Research, 44 4Published online: 09 Apr Veettil, B.

Mangroves of Vietnam: Historical development, current state of research and future threats.

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Country-scale mapping of ecosystem services provided by semi-natural grasslands. Science of the Total Environmentnvironment, Waylen, K. Data summarizing monitoring and evaluation for three European environmental policies in 9 cases across Europe. Data in Brief, 23 Policy-driven monitoring and evaluation: Does it support adaptive management of socio-ecological systems?

Skarlatidou, A. Wyszomirski, P. Marek Maasikmets Determination of emission factors from anthropogenic particle sources for air emission and health impact assessment.

Doktoritöö, Eesti Maaülikool. Tartu: Eesti Maaülikool. Kaie Metsaots Holistic development of the oil shale region as an industrial heritage, recreational, sports and tourism district. Ivar Ojaste Breeding and migration ecology of Common Crane Grus grus.

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In: Banski, Jerzy Ed. Tomson, Pille Lõuna-Eesti alemaad ja nende käekäik. Järvet, Arvo Toim. Eesti Geograafia Selts. Potential of bioethanol production-waste for methane recovery poster. New Horizons in Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram, India New Horizons in Biotechnology.

Acute toxicity evaluation of polystyrene nanoplastics with ten different bioassays.


SETAC, Relationships between scenic values and GIS-based estimations of geomorphological and land cover diversity within the National Park Peneda-Gerês Portugal.

European Geosciences Union. Potential of bioethanol sidestreams for biomethane production. Schasmin, J. Land cover scores-based ecosystem services supply assessment for green infrastructure planning: case of Harku rural municipality.

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One Ecosystem 3 e The Ecology of British Upland landscapes. Composition of landscapes, habitats, vegetation and species. PDF 1. The Ecology of British Upland Landscapes. The influence of policy on the current character of the Uplands and the potential for change. High contributions of vehicular emissions to ammonia in three European cities derived from mobile measurements.

Atmospheric Environment, A novel agroecosystem: Beef production in abandoned farmland as a multifunctional alternative to rewilding.

Agricultural Systems, Remarks on four novel landfill mining case studies in Estonia and Sweden.

  • Aleksei Tepljakov, magistrikraad,juh Eduard Petlenkov; Juri Belikov, Fractional-order Calculus based Identification and Control of Linear Dynamic Systems Murrulistel tuletistel põhinev lineaarsete dünaamiliste süsteemide identifitseerimine ja juhtimineTallinna Tehnikaülikool, Infotehnoloogia teaduskond, Automaatikainstituut, Automaatjuhtimise ja süsteemianalüüsi õppetool.

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 20 2 Kikas, T. New high nature value map of Estonian agricultural land: Application of an expert system to integrate biodiversity, landscape and land use management indicators.

Intersection of the global climate agenda with regional development: Unequal distribution of energy efficiency-based renovation subsidies for apartment buildings. Green and brown infrastructures support a landscape-level implementation of ecological engineering.

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Niedziałkowski, Krzysztof; Shkaruba, Anton Governance and legitimacy of the Forest Stewardship Council certification in the national contexts — A comparative study of Belarus and Poland. Forest Policy and Economics, 97, Reading past landscapes: combining modern and historical records, maps, pollen-based vegetation reconstructions, and the socioeconomic background. Sousa-Silva, R. Adapting forest management to climate change in Europe: linking perceptions to adaptive responses.